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Bobby was an individual that lived for chess. From the age of 6 when his sister bought a chess set from a candy shop below their apartment until he virtually dropped out of competitive chess and off the face of the Earth, he was completely obsessed with the game. With an IQ measured to be 187, within the top 0.000003{82b217daa7d0c4e6e96a8f952ca3bea794bfcc4c2b19deef4db2b9b0fd13adf7} of the population or an IQ that appears in roughly 1 out of 36,927,646 people. This level of intelligence, especially the ability of spacial reasoning is almost certainly what contributed to his great chess play. You don’t need to be a genius to play chess but it certainly helps.

A unique piece that looks like a horse’s head. It can jump around the board in an L-shaped pattern. Because of its limited options, it can be difficult to use, so plan ahead several plays to master what you are going to do. Many people forget about this piece until it snags one of their pieces.

The next phase of the game was completely fascinating. Both players were playing across both sides of the board. Carlsen opened his Queen’s rook file creating prospects of counterplay for his rook. Anand started to expand on the queenside with a pawn-roller. Carlsen switched to the kingside trying to activate his queen and knight; Anand pushed the white queen into the corner, while conceding good play for the knight.

Have you tried the Tutor to help make the game easier and aid learning? You can turn this on in Options or Match Settings to help every turn, or use it as you choose from Menu, and it will recommend a good piece to move but not where to move it to. Hint(?) on the Menu can give ideas of where to move pieces.

The London Chess Centre has become a pretty legendary spot for famous fans of chess as well. The former world champion Garry Kasparov engaged in a massive book signing event there, and the British world championship challenger Nigel Short has also visited. Major tournaments have been held at the London Chess Centre as its reputation has grown, and chess fans who visit London from overseas are always drawn to this attractive venue; there has always been a very cosmopolitan feel to the London Chess Centre whenever I have visited.

The Bd4 move is good and keeps an edge while restricting counter-play. But the engines say 29…Bxb2 should win with lines like 30. Rae1 Rb6! 31. Bd5 Bd4 32. Rxe6 fxe6 33. Rxe6 Qf8! 34. Qg2 Rdd6. It’s highly complicated and white could go over into attack if there’s one mis-step.

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