The Top Five Facts You Need To Know About Recreational Cannabis

About a decade or two ago, the mere mention of cannabis was enough to get you in trouble. Fast forward to today’s world; one has the privilege to not only talk about it but also use it. What changed? Well, as we advanced further into the future, so did studies and research on cannabis. As a result, scientists and medical experts helped shed a positive light on the plant and its benefits. Now in states like Michigan, recreation cannabis is legal. If you are planning on visiting such states, here is all you need to know about recreation cannabis.

The Major Strains Of Cannabis

If it is your first time using cannabis for recreation, then it is crucial you know that not all marijuana is the same. Also known as weed, grass or pot, cannabis is available in three dominant strains, namely,

Indica: This strain boasts sedative effects, and you can use it when insomnia doesn’t want to go away. Sativa: The effects of this strain are the complete opposite of indica as it puts you in a more hyper mood. In other words, it gives you the high that most people associate cannabis with or think is the main effect. Hybrid strain: Just as the name suggests, this strain is a combination of indica and, and you may experience a mixture of the most dominant effects produced by both strains.

The Difference Between THC And Cbd

As the talks about the legalization of recreational marijuana continue to take center stage, chances are that you’ve heard the terms THC and CBD being thrown around more times than you can recall. If you have no idea what they mean, then you are in good company.
Simply put, THC and CBD are the main components of marijuana. THC is what causes one to be “stoned” or the high feeling most people experience when they smoke marijuana or take its edibles. CBD, on the other hand, is known for its medical benefits. The legalization of cannabis in most states can be attributed to the second compound, CBD.

Where Can I Get Recreation Marijuana?

Now that you know the different strains of marijuana and their effects as well as its two main compounds, where can you get it? Since its legalization, a lot of recreational cannabis dispensaries have been opening up. You can get it from any of these dispensaries.

Is Recreation Marijuana Legal?

Also, now that you know where to get your dose of recreational marijuana, it is vital that you also know whether it’s legal. The last thing you want is to end up behind bars because you were caught in possession of marijuana, which you assumed was legal. Well, in a majority of the states, only medical marijuana is legal.
However, there are a few like Colorado and Michigan, where recreational cannabis has been legalized. Therefore based on the state you are in, recreational marijuana can either be legal or illegal. To avoid trouble with the authorities, ensure that the cannabis dispensary you purchase your strain from is fully compliant with the law.

What Are The Requirements?

You need to be 21 years and above to purchase it. This means that you will be required to present your identification material so you can buy it from any licensed dispensary. When it comes to the amount allowed per purchase, since it’s for your personal use, you can only hold 28 grams of marijuana plant and only 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.