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Kasparov says he’s in Chennai purely as a chess tourist and, if one takes him at face value, he should have been well satisfied. The presence of a former world champion and living legend at a world title match should, in itself, scarcely be cause for speculation. However, theories about the real reasons” for Garry Kasparov’s presence in Chennai, and the players’ reaction to his presence, dominated the post-game conference, which should really, really, have been about the game itself.

The Factfinder contains many references to the books based on the chess collection of David DeLucia, and the latest, compiled by his son John, is a 711-page hardback on Emanuel Lasker. It includes an absorbing range of letters, articles, photographs and ephemera, most previously unseen, and the production standards are unsurpassable.

Thus, there is a wonderfully informal atmosphere to the London Chess Centre, which also houses a vast array of chess literature. While it is perhaps a little rude to treat the place like a lending library, nevertheless there is no question of pressure placed on anyone browsing during a visit.

Capablanca’s book on Havana, 1913 (Torneo internacional de ajedrez) has been reprinted by Ishi Press International, though not from the original. As shown by, for instance, the handwritten markings on page 35, the Google scan freely available on-line has been used. The group photograph on the front cover is our scan from the original book, as given in the feature article on Juan Corzo.

There are only six different pieces in chess: the king and queen, bishops, rooks, knights and pawns. The king is the piece with a cross on the top, while the queen has a crown. The ones with pear-shaped tops are bishops, and the ones with round tops are the pawns. Finally, the horse is the knight and the little castle is the rook – calling them ‘horsey’ and ‘castle’, while fun, is likely to annoy serious chess players.

The civil war chess games are equally good for both chess game lovers and history lovers. It brings the value of real history into a normal game. When the board is totally set, it looks like a real battle field. Every game gives the feeling of a new civil war, and regardless of actual history only the finest standard moves decide the outcomes.