The Quickest Way To Win At Chess

chessThe Hague, Jan 30 (IANS) Wesley So has won the 79th edition of the prestigious Tata Steel Chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands, a media report said on Monday.

When a pawn advances two squares from its starting position and there is an opponent’s pawn on an adjacent file next to its destination square, then the opponent’s pawn can capture it en passant (in passing), and move to the square the pawn passed over. This can only be done on the very next move, otherwise the right to do so is forfeit. For example, if the black pawn has just advanced two squares from g7 (initial starting position) to g5, then the white pawn on f5 may take it via en passant on g6 (but only on White’s next move).

It’s the weekend and you are bored stiff with too much TV. You are wondering what to do! Chances are you will hit the internet and logon to some social networking site to join an ever increasing web of online gamers! Great program, challenging. Only drawback is that in two player mode you must pass device back and forth insted of laying down on table like an analog board. The careful positioning of pieces to restrict the movement of your opponent or force them into making an error will give you the edge. This is where chess strategy really comes in.

White is in checkmate, being unable to escape from being attacked by the Black king and bishops. P.S.: When a game ended, the option to save it was on the small pop-up window, where you chose to continue playing or leave the table. I haven’t seen that option since the switch to the new table screen. Good game Ads are getting out of control now though anywhere you can accidentally click on them for them to get more views is annoying. Five-time champion Magnus Carlsen from Norway, who won the tournament in 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2016, ended with 8 points in the second place, drawing with Russian Sergey Karjakin on Sunday. At the end of the fourth game, both players have two points each in the 12-game match. On Friday, the world’s top female chess player threw a match against male opponent Babu Lalith of India after just five moves of the final round at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival.

Montu Das, a kickboxing administrator, coach and former kickboxer, founded the Chess Boxing Organisation of India in 2011. There have already been two national chessboxing championships held this year, one in January and the other in July; is there any other sport in the country to have two national tournaments within the space of half a year? Somehow, this double-quick pacing of national tournaments fits well with the crazy rhythm and pace of chessboxing itself. As Das puts it in his promotional brochure with a flourish of antonyms, chessboxing is ‘soft and hard, cold and hot, thinking and contact’.

The World Chess Championship match too has been a close affair, mainly because they have shunned risks and played safe. Most of their games ended within 30 moves via quick exchange of pieces, causing much disappointment among their fans. When there are a variety of games available for your choice, it is essential to know the various categories they can be differentiated into. you should mention en passant. although its rare, it does happen and can be useful. maybe you did mention it and i missed it though. either way, nice illustrations. Great job. I love chess, very fun, especially when you beat people to see their reactions. Great job once again, I feel like playing it right now!

De-stressing: The amount of stress at workplace is increasing day by day. Considering the global slowdown scenario, there are number of office goers who find themselves in stressful situations one day after the other. These games make one involved in them and thus reduce the attention that one is giving on work related stressful situations for a brief period of time. This time acts as refreshment for the employee. In fact, it is highly recommended to play games when in stress.