The Effect Of “Queen’s Gambit” TV Show In Chess

Chess is one of the
most popular games on Earth. This is because of the intense intellectual
challenge it gives to all its participants which is great for their mental

The game of chess increases its player’s sense of awareness, as every player anticipates their opponent’s next moves. Also, chess develops participant’s sense of reasoning. When you play chess for a particular time you tend to change the way you think and reason. Playing chess also improves your level of creativity.

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How Queen’s Gambit TV
Resuscitates The Relevance Of The Chess Game

The Queen’s gambit TV show rates as one of the best in 2020, especially in the chess community. The TV show has made chess so popular. It got high praise for the technical setup of its depiction of chess.

The TV show teaches
us about the type of openings in chess. The opening is the first phase in the
game of chess. It is the initial moves made in the beginning. Funny enough, Queen’s Gambit is a type of opening too.
The Sicilian Defense is another type
of opening. Apart from the opening phase, other phases in chess are the middle
game and the end game.

Before the release
of the Queen’s gambit TV show on Netflix, the popularity of chess had
deteriorated simply because there were fewer articles written about the game in
New York times. Also, the fame of the game reduced because there were few
charismatic and experienced players and the absence of captivating stories
about the game.

Checking the
statistics since the beginning of the pandemic, chess has gained massive
popularity and it has been getting four times as many new members as usual in
the last few months. Since the Queen’s gambit TV show debuted, chess app
downloads on the  Play store have
increased. Among puzzle games on the iPhone, the chess app has moved to third
and second positions in the US and UK respectively.

Since the release of Queen’s Gambit TV show, there has been a massive increase in the demand for chess boards. A company known as Goliath games that sell different kinds of chess boards recorded an increase in sales by 1148 percent. eBay has recorded a 280{9ac4466827a18978a3698e6d512bb416d8efa5a975763bbaa59634aa8cd05add} increase in demand for chess boards and the number of people using wooden chess boards has overthrown the percentage of people using plastic or glass since the movie release.

The Principle Of
Opening In Chess

  1. Develop your pieces: This is the most necessary opening rule. The development in chess
    means moving your pieces out from the starting square and getting them
    ready for battle. Don’t make the mistake of bringing out only one or two
    pieces, you need all your pieces to get a chance of winning.
  2. Don’t make too many
    pawns move:
    Move a couple of pawns in the
    opening. As a beginner, you are advised to move your king’s pawn two
    squares lines for the queen and bishop.
  3. Don’t bring your queen
    out too early:
    Always remember that the queen is
    the most important piece after the king. So, if you send your queen out
    too early, you risk losing that piece when your opponent develops their
    pieces and attacks your queen.
  4. Don’t move the same
    pieces twice: Moving
    a piece twice keeps other
    pieces at the starting square which is not a wise game tactic. The only
    time you should move a piece twice is when you want to capture an enemy
  5. Castle early: Castle as quickly as possible to avoid an early checkmate. You
    should castle before move 10.
  6. Develop towards the
    You get better as you play chess
    frequently. As time goes on you realize that the most important area of
    the board is the center. It is called the area of victory.
  7. Clear the back rank and
    connect your rooks:
    clear the space between your
    pieces so they can protect each other. You can do this by moving all your
    pieces out and castling your king.