So Wins Tata Steel Chess Tournament

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Here’s an example – BLACK has a pawn at d4; WHITE moves his e2-pawn to e4; had WHITE moved to e3m the BLACK d4 pawn would have been able to capture so now he can capture en-passant on his next move. But if BLACK decides to make another move instead, he gives up his right to capture.

Anand headed into a tabiya – a set of related positions – that he knows very well, when he captured the c-pawn with 3—dxc4. Carlsen took his first long think on move 4. The position resembled a Sicilian Dragon Defence – only the colours were reversed.

Control of the center: Control of the central squares allows pieces to be moved to any part of the board relatively easily, and can also have a cramping effect on the opponent. Pen and Paper Games are easy to take on the road for use while riding in the car or waiting in line. The Indian, with a rating of 2770, has won one, drawn 10 and lost two games in the tournament. Note: free accounts may be removed if unused for prolonged periods. Get SparkChess Premium to ensure your account is protected.

One full screen ad may show when starting, ending or returning to a game so that they don’t disrupt play. It is not our intention to get players to inadvertently click on ads, in fact we tweak ad timings to try and avoid this but it is a work in progress. There is also a low-cost, ad-free version in the app store.

I want to develop chess boxing in India, like Rubingh,” says Das. The world league series in Moscow will do a lot to promote the sport.” Rubingh has set up a new company called Chess Boxing Global to develop a professional league for chess boxers. The Moscow event will be followed by one in Amsterdam and Berlin next year. We have already secured sponsorship from Jägermeister the German liqueur brand for Moscow, we are in talks with several others,” writes Rubingh.

The Knight and the bishop are very disparate pieces. They are generally reckoned to be roughly equal in strength. The Knight controls squares of either colour and it can leap over obstacles. But it is short-range – a helicopter rather than a strategic bomber. The bishop can only control squares of one colour and it cannot hop. But it is long-range. On an open board, a bishop usually dominates a knight and two bishops in combination can be devastating.