‘Queen Of Chess’ Abandons Gibraltar Match To Protest Pairing

chessThe contenders arrive in a haze of smoke as the announcer, dapper in a black suit and tie, introduces them from the ring. They are dressed in shimmering hoodies and boxer shorts, and they pump their fists in the air for the cameras. The two men pace in their corners while an orchestra plays the Icelandic national anthem. Next, a chessboard has been placed at the centre of the ring and they are seated opposite each other, grinning rather a lot, while an even more amused-looking man stands by with a timer.

Before we do that, we need to know how the pieces are set up. The pieces are set up on the two back rows of the chess board. The 8 pawns are set up in the front row. Behind them from left to right are the queen’s rook, queen’s knight, queen’s bishop, queen, king, king’s bishop, king’s knight and king’s rook. The black pieces are set up to mirror the white pieces. In other words, the kings are facing each other and the queens are facing each other.

While Anand deserves praise for creating pressure with black, he didn’t quite play precisely enough to take it away. Carlsen deserves his share of kudos for defending brilliantly in a very difficult position, though he needs to re-examine his opening strategy that got him into a mess.

The idea behind the game is to effectively trap the opponents King, which will ultimately render them unable to move and consequently win the game. This is achieved by moving pieces in their various patterns and consequently ‘taking’ opposing pieces that fall at the end of their path.

The Pawns on the board symbolize serfs, or simple the hard working lower folks. Presently there are a lot more of them on the board, compared to any other piece on the board and usually they are sacrificed to save the much more valuable pieces. In medieval times, serfs were considered to be no more than property of landowners, or chattel. They were mostly left unprotected even though battles were ongoing all around them.

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Very nice product. If you are wondering, the chess board is carved (and stained for the black side pieces and black squares) and it has a green fabric on the bottom of each piece (like on the bottom side of the board). The provided pictures basically explain the rest. Some of the letters and numbers for the notation are kinda sloppy when carved/stained but they look fine and it sort of gives it its own personality. I like how the set folds up, but you do have to cram some of the pieces in when you put them in. The designs are really nice and the king and queen look a little cooler than the staunton king and queen (imo). My really only issue that dissapointed me upon opening is the bishop, the bishop looks like a straight up thumb tack and is not very appealing (imo again), its not that bad but I was hoping it would somewhat resemble a normal bishop. But all in all, it’s an adorable and affordable chess set that’s neatly carved, just know that the bishop looks like a thumbtack.