Must Have Kayaking Essentials You Need Today

With the summer in full swing, kayaking season is among us. Kayaking is one of the best exercises there is. It is great exercise, when rowing you work your arms, shoulders, back and core muscles. But for first time kayakers it can be a hard hobby to get into. Firstly, you need to know your local area, and the lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water around you that you want to kayak. Some places require a permit to kayak, so always check your local park rules and make sure to be responsible. There are a ton of other things you will want to bring on your kayaking trek.

The very first things you will need is the regular kayaking equipment that are actually essential. Your kayak and paddle is the first two key things obviously. For each paddler you will want one paddle. As well as a spare in case of an emergency. You will also want a personal flotation device. These three things are the most essential, without them it is impossible to kayak.

Next thing on people’s mind is what to wear. Here come some of the essential things that you may not think about on first glance. If the weather is nice swimwear is a perfect option, pack sunscreen and a hat. The sun often times can be quite harsh reflecting off the water with no shade. With kayaking you should prepare for the water temp, not the air temp. You should also consider the risk of tipping over. There are a number of accessories that can help you with keeping things dry incase the worse does happen and you do end up going in. Any type of waterproof backpack is a great option, these can keep phones, clothes, cameras, and other stuff dry. While you can always get a smaller waterproof bag. A backpack can serve to carry much more stuff. It is best for people who plan on taking lots of stuff with them such as food. Also, it is great for camera gear or other such things.

Some people choose to plan picnics for the kayaking adventure. Even if you don’t want to pack a meal, plan to bring some snacks. Granola bars, or protein bars are two perfect options. Also always bring extra water. Incase anything does end up happening, having extra water can be a life saver. First aid kit is another thing that isn’t necessary but is highly recommended. Bring bug spray, bugs on the water especially during the summer time can be awful. Hand sanitizer or wet wipes can be handy in kayaks. Especially if you plan on eating at all. Some people even bring their fishing gear with them kayaking. Again, though it is important to note the local area’s laws and regulations on fishing and get a permit if necessary.

Kayaking is a great way to spend an afternoon. When the weather is right, spending the day out on the water is like nothing else. Fishing off the side, going with some friends, or just looking for the exercise, kayaking is a great sport and activity to try. Remember to always plan your route ahead and bring adequate supplies.