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chessThe queen moves in continuous diagonal and straight lines. Forward, backward and side-to-side.

The Guioco Pianissimo is a more solid variation of the Guioco Piano. It is really just an opening that is ideal for developing your pieces and not much else. There really is no way to create a strong attack right out of the opening because of the fact that white’s most active piece, the bishop on c4 can be neutralized by Be6. Still this opening remains very popular with beginners because it is very natural and easy to memorize.

The next phase of the game was completely fascinating. Both players were playing across both sides of the board. Carlsen opened his Queen’s rook file creating prospects of counterplay for his rook. Anand started to expand on the queenside with a pawn-roller. Carlsen switched to the kingside trying to activate his queen and knight; Anand pushed the white queen into the corner, while conceding good play for the knight.

The organizing team members of the chess club are committed and patient people providing order and guidance. It’s essential for the club founders to employ a fair and consistent approach. The purpose of the club should be eternally kept in mind: to encourage the development of the youthful members.

Make time to play games by scheduling a weekly, family game night on an evening when you have no outside activities. Make special treats, stay up past bedtime, and camp your living room. Homeschool games don’t only enhance the learning experience, they create warm experiences that your children will always remember.

Nowadays, you will find many wonderful and decorative chess sets at affordable prices available, giving you even more fun and excitement playing this awesome game. They are available e.g. made of wood, glass, alabastrite, carved soap stone or marble, and are amazingly designed in details. To fit your personality you can select from different themes and this arrays from African Animal, Civil War, Chinese Warrior, World War II chess set or Fairy chess sets, to name a few only. Even if you are not a chess player yourself, a Themed Chess Set presented on a stand or side table will always be a great conversation subject. It will for sure add accent to any home or office and it for sure will make a great gift for someone else.

The downside is that, from this point onwards, Carlsen can eliminate the bishop-pair anytime by exchanging his knight for black’s light-squared bishop and probably damage black’s pawn structure in the process. This will leave one set of minor pieces on the board – opposite coloured bishops. White has a light-squared bishop while black has the dark one.