Chess Strategies For A Winning Game

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In the real world of chessboxing, players begin with chess, alternating between six rounds of chess and five bouts of boxing in a match that goes all the way to the finish. A round of chess is four minutes long; each player is allotted two minutes. There is an interval of a minute before the players proceed to the ring. A bout of boxing lasts three minutes, with another minute reserved for the players to change.

This current interpretation an 11×11 board with a central king surrounded by twelve princes or defenders. Each side of the board starts with six blue attackers, giving 24 in total. The central square is important as it can only be occupied by the king, though other pieces can cross it, as long as it’s unoccupied. Play proceeds by alternate turns and though the extant documentation does not describe who is to move first it would seem natural that the attacker would do this (after all the king is defending against an attack). The king also has an inherent advantage in the game and giving the attacker the first move goes some way towards reducing this.

The World No.11, who headed into the final day with a total of six points and was placed in eighth position, was leapfrogged by Anish Giri of the Netherlands after he managed to draw his last game. The Indian had to be content with the ninth position at the end of 13 rounds.

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In an interview with the Chess News in May, Hou spoke out against the World Chess Federation’s different rules in women and men’s tournaments, and she chose not to defend her women’s world championship title this month in Iran. She has also pledged to attend only open (mixed-sex) events in the future.

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