Chess Strategies For A Winning Game

chessNew York, Feb 5 (IANS) The Facebook app that enables your conversations with your friends on the popular social network has now made it simple to play chess from a computer or a smartphone.

Chess politics, which is labyrinthine and complex in nature, deserves to be discussed in much detail but that definitely wasn’t the appropriate time and place. One theory was however, laid to rest. Both players said that they had neither met nor spoken with Kasparov, which means that he did not help Carlsen with his preparation. GK also reiterated that he wasn’t helping Magnus.

Pawns kept the idea of the infantry and grew to represent the peasants from a court. They were considered expendable pieces, as the entire game was built around protecting the court. During the phase of Medieval Chess, however, these pieces were given a little more substance, and each particular Pawn was generally given a name relating to a certain commoner’s occupation. Some Pawns were considered to be city guards, farmers, merchants, doctors, and innkeepers. While these special ranks did not denote anything special upon the Pawns, it attempted to give a little more story to the game of Chess and make things a little more diverse.

The final phase is to introduce the concepts of piece capture, check and checkmate. At this point, your child should fully understand what it means to capture a piece. Here we tweak the rules of Shout Chess by explaining that you no longer need to surround a piece to capture it, but instead knock them off the board when you land on the same square as them. We may also remove the mandatory requirement to shout the name of each piece as it is played and may even start calling the game chess. Wait a few matches before explaining the diagonal capture rule of pawns. Explain check as a warning the your king may be captured on the next go. Protection of the king is a crucial part of Shout Chess and therefore should not be a foreign concept to your child. Eventually introduce the more advanced concepts of castling, pawn promotion and en passant as your child’s confidence levels increase.

What is the difference between the chess sets produced in these regions? Pakistani sets tend to be carved in a traditional Staunton style, while Mexican chess sets are carved in a distinctive style that is specific to that area of Mexico. Nonetheless, the end result is that both styles are beautifully hand carved by skilled, traditional artisans. One notable difference though, is that marble and onyx sets made in Pakistan tend to be more expensive than the ones made in Mexico. This is mainly due to the fact that shipping the heavy marble chess sets from Pakistan to the US is substantially more expensive than the shipping cost from Mexico to the US. Also, Pakistani items are usually encased in a velvet box, while Mexican sets are held in a simple cardboard box. Mexican chess sets are stored in cardboard boxes, because the Mexican artisans believe that their items should be displayed to everyone in the household, and not cooped away in a pretty looking box.

The Knight on a chess board represents the professional warrior of the middle age, whose job it was to shield and guard persons of status. There are also two of them per each side in a game of chess. Knights are more important than pawns, but less important than bishops, kings, or the queens. They may be sacrificed to save all those important pieces basically comparable as pawns.

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