Chess Rules

chessChess has had a long and rich history, having roots in both India, China, and Persia, as well as from Europe, where the modern incarnation of the game was born. To fully understand the pieces of the game, however, it is advisable for one to trace its history in all of these places. As the game evolved, so did the pieces used in the game, turning Chess into the wealth of possibilities which it exists as today.

The London Chess Centre has become a pretty legendary spot for famous fans of chess as well. The former world champion Garry Kasparov engaged in a massive book signing event there, and the British world championship challenger Nigel Short has also visited. Major tournaments have been held at the London Chess Centre as its reputation has grown, and chess fans who visit London from overseas are always drawn to this attractive venue; there has always been a very cosmopolitan feel to the London Chess Centre whenever I have visited.

Forfeit – a player who cheats, or violates the rules of the game, or violates the rules specified for the particular tournament may be forfeited. In high level tournaments, players have been forfeited for such things as arriving late for the game (even by a matter of seconds), receiving a call or text on a cell phone, refusing to undergo a drug test, refusing to undergo a body search for electronic devices and unsporting behavior (such as refusing to shake the opponent’s hand).

Pawn: Moves only one square at a time and only forward. However, on the opening move, it can choose between two squares or one. A seemingly weak piece, a pawn can also be promoted if it safely reaches the end of the board. If it succeeds, a pawn can be exchanged for any other chess piece, except the king. Most often, a pawn gets promoted to queen.

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You can practice the Middlegame in chess by playing against a computer, set to a low skill level. You can either start from the beginning of the chess game. Or, if you’re using a program such as Fritz, start from the end of a chess Opening from its database.

The original chess set from the Isle of Lewis has 78 pieces in all, carved in Morse ivory (Walrus tusk) which is thought to belong to eight or more incomplete chess sets. Experts are unanimous in declaring them the most astonishing collection of ancient chessmen in existence. The British Museum now houses 67 of these. The remainder is in the Edinburgh National Museum.

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