Chess Notes By Edward Winter

chessLogic is the best way to decide between choices. A logical approach bypasses your emotions and all their associated problems. You can still choose to follow your feelings if you prefer, but at least now you know the reasoned and wisest choice. Children who play Checkers (also known as Draughts) soon discover that someone who plays logically will beat another player who chooses to move pieces at random.

New rules were necessary. In his book, Enki Bilal had imagined a contest featuring a boxing match that lasted 12 bouts, followed by a game of chess. But in these modern times, you can’t market a new sport that lasts 5 hours,” writes Rubingh in an email interview. Also, it is more exciting to have rounds alternating as the fighters will otherwise have to be under physical pressure all the time,” he adds.

Ms. Hou’s five-move loss to a player she outranks set a new record as the quickest loss by a grandmaster, a powerful blow to the international chess community. Development: This is the technique of placing the pieces (particularly bishops and knights) on useful squares where they will have an optimal impact on the game. Bishops: The bishops can move diagonally across the board but they cannot jump pieces. Queen: Moves in any direction for any number of squares. It is the most powerful piece on the board, capable of capturing and positioning from most any vantage point. This old master doesn’t care about time – only perfection, so it’ll take him up to 2 minutes to move. That is, he devotes no end of time and energy and seriousness to the game of chess.

In accordance with this, the London Chess Centre is less of a shop and more of a cultural centre for chess nuts in the England’s capital city. Whenever visiting this chess haven not far from Marylebone station, you can be sure of bumping into a plethora of like-minded people, and some impromptu games over the many boards that are set up for people to play on may also result.

In a controversial move, Hou Yifan, often referred as the Queen of Chess,” said her intentional resignation from the game was meant to protest having been paired against mostly female players at a major tournament where male contestants dramatically outnumbered female.

Pawn moves – Do not move many pawns up. There is a trick that is to use your pawns to block your opponent’s pieces. That trick maybe powerful at first glance, but once the pawn formation is broken, and you have not developed enough of your other pieces then you will be in deep trouble when your castled opponent is out and attacking. So, just move enough pawns to release all of your attack forces and that’s it. Your pawns would then be movable later on during middle or end game.

The King’s Indian Attack is an unusual opening in the fact that it is really called the same thing regardless of what black plays. Notice though how white sets up their pieces behind the lines very systematically and the setup really leaves white with no weaknesses although it isn’t particularly ambitious. White will establish their solid structure after these moves and then play on the flanks. It isn’t really considered a great opening but some very strong players like Bobby Fischer have played it with success so it isn’t a terrible opening either.