Chess Notes By Edward Winter

Barbie doll has a new boyfriend called Fred, yet another waxed model to replace Ken who she dumped. Good one and I gotta give it to these toy companies, but you can’t fool me, its Ken with his hair dyed. And it wouldn’t surprise me in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas if retirement is on the cards for Thomas the tank engine. Tommy ain’t going anywhere he’ll be under a new name and with a different color engine. What I’m getting at is what you believe to be new, is just old hat.

Today players of every age compete in tournaments held by small local chess clubs, as well as in nationally and internationally sponsored events. The World Chess Federation (FIDE), founded in Paris in 1924, presides over the prestigious world champion awards that generate global media attention. But human players need to watch their moves because the latest computers offer serious competition, and online chess games—from easy to exceptionally difficult—can challenge any player.

Ads ruined it I used to like this app a lot but the invasive ads are annoying as hell, they appear after every match covering the whole screen making me click on it by accident a lot of times, this app used to be good and the apps were small and placed at the top of the screen, now they’re invasive and annoying all the time.

Leap-Frog TAG Reading System from Leap-Frog is an ideal Christmas present for kids between the ages of 4 to 8 that helps them with reading using special plan books which interact with the TAG pen, a hand held talking gadget. Its fun exciting and thrilling because the pen can be used to read the whole children’s book from start to finish or it can be used to help a child in sounding out certain words as the kid reads the book.

Attack and defense – If you are playing white, do not play defense, get your forces out until you find an opening, then attack. If you are playing black, defend until you either find an opening or your opponent is a step behind you in development, then you attack.

Lastly, what’s a chess club without enthusiasm? This translates to how efficiently the club defines its targets. The organizer’s goals can vary from those of the players’. An example of a realistic goal would be to qualify as a contender for a local tournament. The preparations promote the club’s competitive spirit and encourage individual members to set their respective goals.