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Learn how to feed your mind properly

What we eat influences the way the brain works. The Mediterranean diet and the effective diet has the effect of reducing the risk of heart disease, and has a positive impact on reducing cognitive decline.

Cognitive decline is characterized by decreased functionality in the field of short-term memory, with a delay in accessing stored data, loss of sustained attention, the skill of motor perception, and problem-solving function. Find out how to feed your mind correctly with the help of BritainReviews.

How you can feed your mind

The neurologist set out to find the best possible diet for the human brain. A herbal diet, rich in a variety of fresh whole fruits and vegetables, especially berries and green leafy vegetables, is associated with better brain health. A good choice can also be keto diet meals brands.

Vegetables (especially those with green leaves), nuts, berries, beans, whole grains, fish, … Read More