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4 Reasons Fuelless Generators Could be Helpful to the Environment

The invention of science and technology has brought about a lot of changes and upgrades in our day-to-day activities, takes a look at these innovations and how they have helped man in living with regards to his environment.

One good example of these innovations is the fuelless generators which have come to replace the fuel generators causing a lot of harm to the environment.

Fuelless generators, as the name implies, are generators that create electricity without the use of any form of fuel be it petrol or diesel. They function with DC motors and batteries capable of self-recharge. Some of these fuelless generators are regarded as portable inverters. Reviews of green energy networks are incomplete without talks about fuelless generators and their usage by man and the effects of their usage on the environment. Below are reasons fuelless generators could be helpful to the environment:

1. Less Air Pollution:

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