Best Phone When Traveling

Once you get to the point of being so good at the game of chess it will be time to start entering competitions and tournaments. These types of events are rarely held in your hometown. Most competitions and tournaments you will have to drive or fly to in order to compete. If you are going to be doing a lot more traveling than you will need to be sure that your phone can travel along with you and actually keep up with you instead of being a piece of useless tech. Between roaming agreements, nonworking phones and conflicting advice you could find yourself even more confused especially if you are overseas. According to a traveling tech article, you have to ask yourself if your phone will even work overseas. Different countries use different cell frequencies. The two most common cell phone frequencies are GSM and CDMA. If you have a GSM phone you are in luck because this frequency is likely to work overseas. However, if your phone works on the CDMA frequency than it is less likely to work overseas. Next question to ask yourself is to be sure that your phone is unlocked. Network locked phones will charge you more money when you are roaming outside your network while unlocked phones let you change SIM cards as you travel saving you money. In another article, if you want to save yourself from costly roaming charges than consider putting your phone in flight mode and strictly using Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi access, you will be able to check emails and social media sites along with upload your pictures of how the tournament is going. You can still use your telephone when you call over Wi-Fi providing you are in a Wi-Fi zone.

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