Month: August 2018

Interesting Facts About Board Games

chessWith civil war chess, one can enjoy a classic chess game with a historic bend. The civil war chess games bring famous figures of the American Civil War into your home or workplace. Civil war chess games represent the war fought between the Union troops and the Confederates. Strategy is a clear element in any battle field situation. There is no better game than chess to teach this strategy.

Along with Gavin played by Colm Meaney(Star Trek The Next Generation) as his happy-go-lucky tour guide, instead of making the necessary contacts to setup his food programme, they are unceremoniously abducted in a bus in Morocco, drugged, and when Ryan Philippe wakes up, he is confronted by Ahmat played by the magnificent Laurence Fishburne(Morpheous in the Matrix), who proceeds at first to toy with him by having him play chess before going to other means to extract his information. His African … Read More

Must Have Kayaking Essentials You Need Today

With the summer in full swing, kayaking season is among us. Kayaking is one of the best exercises there is. It is great exercise, when rowing you work your arms, shoulders, back and core muscles. But for first time kayakers it can be a hard hobby to get into. Firstly, you need to know your local area, and the lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water around you that you want to kayak. Some places require a permit to kayak, so always check your local park rules and make sure to be responsible. There are a ton of other things you will want to bring on your kayaking trek.

The very first things you will need is the regular kayaking equipment that are actually essential. Your kayak and paddle is the first two key things obviously. For each paddler you will want one paddle. As well as a spare in … Read More