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Things to Know About Hosting with BlueHost You must know that BlueHost has been offering web hosting service since 1996. It is known to be one of the earliest hosting companies. In the web hosting industry, there are surely many companies that come and go but this has definitely survived in such competitive industry. This means that they are a company which is able to provide quality hosting service to their clients. This is the main reason why they still go strong and they are running in the hosting industry. This is equipped with such first class equipment. This is a kind of company that uses the modern quad servers, 24/7 monitoring through the trained staff, mirrored backups and also backup generators. This is to ensure that their service is kept at an optimum level. The internet connection is quite excellent and such provides 2GB per second of bandwidth. Through the packages, they are able to adapt to the simplicity of the packages these days through offering that one price package. Actually, they are well-known for their Platinum Pack plan which offers 1500GB of disk storage, 1500GB bandwidth as well as features which are industry standard for only less then ten dollars a month. Users will have the ability of hosting several domains and sub-domains in a single account.
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Like the other hosting companies, BlueHost provides cPanel. This is considered as the most popular control panel system these days. Using the cPanel, the web administrators are able to easily navigate and configure the hosting account. BlueHost provides Fantastico as well that allows the users to install various software packages based on their needs.
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There are packages for content management system, forums, blogs, picture galleries, online surveys and a lot others. Fantastico is an excellent tool that a lot of webmasters like and also providing it in their plans. There are also more value added by BlueHost in their packages. There are a lot of scripting languages which the more advanced users can access. In the service reliability, the BlueHost is claiming to provide the users with almost a hundred percent uptime. You have to know that no users are going to be pleased with all the features and tools when the uptime is not impressive. Based on the tests done, the overall uptime was monitored for three months and such have shown that the uptime provided by them have achieved 99.9 percent target. During the testing period, there was a small downtime but such was quite small unlike the other hosting providers. Know that BlueHost is one company which has so many experiences and is one reputable company since this has been around for a long time already. When you are looking for a hosting provider, you should consider BlueHost.